Financial Domination is often confused as a "service" and that isnt it! So If you are here for ANYTHING other than what you can financially offer me, you're what I class as a Fetishist, there's nothing wrong with wanting to be punished by me but do not come in the disguise of a "FinSub", you need to visit my FemDom page or subscribe to my Fansites. So, what pig sty do you belong in?  


Human ATM - your job is to process payment requests as and when I demand them. Nothing more, Nothing less. Find a way to contact me.

Total Power Exchange - I control your finances, Your salary comes directly to me as you receive it. I ensure your bills/essentials are covered and keep the rest of MY money and we build a beautiful Financial D/s relationship. Email with tribute attached, to begin discussions.

Bill Bitch - Adopt any of my monthly bills. You can request available bills by messaging me on ANY of my available platforms or by emailing me.

Wishlist Losers - Reserved fo good boys.